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Spotlight Honorees are a group of Metro Detroit's emerging leaders who have been nominated by their peers to be one of the faces of the annual Detroit Skyline Soiree. Spotlight Honorees serve an extension of the American Cancer Society to advocate for its mission to impact every cancer and every life. They know their way around town, are well-connected, and philanthropic. They want to influence their community and make an impact in the fight to end cancer as we know it, for everyone by raising a minimum of $2,500.


Congratulations to the 2023 Detroit Spotlight Honorees! 


2023 Detroit Spotlight Honoree of the Year: Tammy McCrory!

Emily Brockman | Director of Donor Relations & Stewardship, Albion College
Hodari Brown | Management and Program Analyst, Social Security Administration
Jasmine Brown | Senior Marketing Communications Specialist, Barbara Ann Karmanos Cancer
Dominique Davenport | Owner, Detroit’s Future is Female
Garrison Diehl | Managing Partner, Farm Bureau Insurance of Michigan
Louise Koos | Client Success Manager, 700 Credit
Tammy McCrory | Chief Executive Director of Operations, McCrory Center
Samantha Myers | Communications Manager, Huntington
Benji Raap | Cancer Screening Project Navigator, Michigan Department of Health & Human
Brie Riley | Director of Innovations, Henry Ford Health
Tiffany Staal | Nursing Supervisor, University of Michigan Oncology

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